BANKS Releases A New Album “III”

The American singer-songwriter Jillian Rose Banks aka BANKS has released a new album titled “III“. She released the lead single “Gimme” at the end of May. The new album includes 13 songs. However, she commented that 44 songs were recorded for the new album and she has selected 13 of them. She commented about the new album like that in a interview with TIME.

First of all, I rap. There’s also a voice I sing with that comes from a different part of my throat. It felt new to me because there’s an innocence to the songs that I’ve never let out. Usually I’m the type of artist where I still need sleep at my regular hours. But making this album, I’d be in the studio until 5 a.m. and I wanted to do it again the next day.

You can listen the new album below.

You can watch the lead single “Gimme” music video below.

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