Bandalos Chinos Share A New Track – Una propuesta


Closing the year, and to calm the anxiety of their followers, the Argentine indie pop band Bandalos Chinos has shared a new release in the form of a preview of their next album, under the name “Una propuesta”. In addition, the song was accompanied by a static video clip where a wedding cake appears.

As in “Mi fiesta”, the first preview of the album, the band once again touches on festive themes, love and desire. Even so, and unlike the first cut, the love that narrates the subject seems to be reciprocated. “Una propuesta” presents a soap opera love, a faithful statement where joy, romance and family reign.

This new release is presented as a mix of ranchera and funky disco, an acquired sound that Bandalos Chinos knew how to adopt after recording their previous albums in the Texas desert. In addition, the song narrates the first stage of falling in love, the most beautiful moment of a relationship, when everything is discovery and passion.


“With strangers we can play / nobody invited us but I don’t care / between Mirta, Carlos and their grandchildren / also in the family photo / A proposal: dance with me”, Goyo Degano sings in the chorus that, as his lyrics say , is an invitation to get up from the chair and dance.

The band is finishing a tour that led them to perform in various parts of Argentina and in cities of Mexico. Finally, his successful Paranoia Tour will end at the Palermo Hippodrome on December 11, with a unique show that will have great surprises and guests. 

You can listen to it below.

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