Balthazar Release New Album – SAND


The Belgian indie pop-rock band Balthazar have released their 5th studio album titled SAND on February 26 by PIAS. Although the album, which deals with issues such as time, intolerance and uneasiness, was started to be written during the previous album tours. The band stated that they thought it was the best decision to release during this period. They say;

An album talking about time, impatience and restlessness feels kind of right to release in times like these, although we started writing while being on tour with our previous album. An album inspired by our shows and you, the way you reacted and gave the energy right back.It challenged us to be ready for a quick follow up. Although the Fever tour might have been the starting point, Covid took the sound into a whole other direction: not being able to get together in the studio, it got us embracing the limitations and getting creative with drum samples and more electronic instruments. But it’s still Balthazar, the next chapter, and we’re proud of the result. It’s also an album made to play live, but until then: here’s what we’ve been working on, hope you enjoy it.

You can listen it below,

Balthazar met with his audience with a live broadcast concert on YouTube. Balthazar’s next live concert will take place on Wednesday, March 3 at 23:00 UK time, at the “Tim’s Listening Party” on Twitter.

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