At the Gates Release A New Album – The Nightmare of Being


The Swedish death metal band At the Gates have release a new album titled The Nightmare of Being. Their new album includes ten new tracks.

Also, to enhance the album’s street date, the band released the title-track “The Nightmare Of Being” in a video-clip directed by Patric Ullaeus. At the Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg Redant commented that the title-track;

One of the key tracks on the album, this one is really dark and haunting, with some classic old school AT THE GATES harmonies thrown in. I guess some of you have already read up on the concept of the album, this one is the introduction to said concept, introducing the main idea that mankind’s consciousness is the ghost of our nightmares, the plague that drives us to our own extinction. I am really happy that Patric Ullaeus got the chance to, once again, interpret the dark themes of our music with his video. He really gave this a special feeling, which I think goes really well with the theme of the abyss of the human soul. 

Today you can also, finally, listen to the whole album! Dive in! It is, as said before, the most rich, cinematic, textured, layered, progressive and dynamic album we have ever written. Thanks for listening!

You can listen to the new album below.

You can watch the title-track’s video-clip below.

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