Arlo Parks Shares Radiohead’s Cover – Creep


The British indie pop musician Arlo parks has released Radiohead‘s cover titled Creep. The song will be featured in the upcoming short film ‘Shy Radicals‘. Shy Radicals is expected to be screened at film festivals worldwide from September. The musician says that new cover on social media accounts.

2020 has been a year of shattering, often painful growth and anxiety. I wanted to share a cover of the song Creep by Radiohead – it’s out now on all platforms. Radiohead is a band that has brought me peace and comfort in the pit of things – I hope my version soothes you in some way. Sending joy and strength to those in need of it right now.

Thank you for approaching my cover of Creep with such warmth and love. The video was directed by the lovely Tom Dream as part of his upcoming short film Shy Radicals. The film acts as a portrait of Hamja Ahsan and the story behind his remarkable book/satirical manifesto: it calls for introverted people to unify and overthrow extrovert-supremacy. I found the concept fascinating, as an extrovert it was a lesson in empathy – I’m grateful to have been a part of it. the link is in my bio to watch.

You can listen below.

You can watch the video for Parks cover below.

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