Ane Brun Release New Song – Song for Thrill and Tom


The Norwegian singer and songwriter Ane Brun has released a new song called Song for Thrill and Tom. The fourth single from the upcoming album. Brun commented about it on social media.

“Song for Thrill and Tom” is about a complex, beautiful and extraordinary love story.

Sometimes my songs are inspired by other people’s lives, and I describe their destiny through my own filters. This is one of those songs, and the main characters are real people in my life, who I’ve tried to portray as authentic as possible, so that it becomes like a musical monument of the existence of their love. Like a ring on their fingers.

The main characters, ”Thrill and Tom”, are my dear friend Tirilleia and her Tom, the great love of her life, who tragically passed away two years ago.

The beautiful cover art is by Tirilleia:
«This one is a special one for me. Both the song and the photograph are precious memories that forever will hold a very special place in my heart.
Tom was the love of my life, and this song has been – and will always be – a way for me to keep his love and light shining here with me forever.»

You can listen the new song below.

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