Ane Brun Drops New Music Video For “Crumbs”


The Norwegian singer and songwriter Ane Brun has dropped a new music video for her track called Crumbs from After The Great Storm. The music video is directed by Stian Andersen. Also, it was filmed in Oslo in November, with Mariama Fatou Slåttøy, Oswald and Eliiza N Kuol in the main roles. When Ane Brun shared the song for the first time, she said;

“Crumbs” is about a situation I think many people can recognise. People getting involved with someone who’s already in a relationship is more common than we might like to think. We can end up eating the crumbs of a potential relationship, leaving us emotionally starving. When I wrote this song I kept thinking about Nina Simone’s amazing rendition of ‘The Other Woman’ by Jessie Mae Robinson. But it’s also a reminder, in any kind of relationship, to not settle with eating just the small crumbs. You deserve a full meal.

You can watch it below.

Also, Ane Brun released two albums in 2020. First album is called After The Great Storm which is released on November 2th. And another is called How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow which is released on November 27th.

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