Ane Brun Announces Two New Albums


The Norwegian singer and songwriter Ane Brun has announced details of two new albums, her first of original material since 2015’s acclaimed When I’m Free. The first album After The Great Storm will be released on October 30, 2020 and the second album How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow on November 27, 2020.

Ane Brun said about two new albums
I’m so excited to finally share the news about my upcoming releases. I’ve produced and recorded these albums mainly together with Martin Hederos and Anton Sundell. We started working on these recordings in September 2019, and by the end of it we had so many songs we loved, taped and ready, and none to throw away, so I decided to split them up into two separate experiences, into two separate album.
Both albums deal with the bigger questions in life. But in 2020 these questions have become even bigger. Even though I wrote most of them before this whole pandemic started, I feel they all have a message that fits the situation we’re in: frustration over the state of the world, how to grieve for a loved one, existentialism, love, relationships, loneliness, inner struggles, sleepless nights… I guess they’re just about being human.”
The singer has so far shared Don’t run and hide, Trust, Feeling like I wanna cry, Song for Thrill and TomHoney,Take Hold of Me and Lose My Way from upcoming albums.
You can check the track-list below.
After The Great Storm
1. Honey
2. After the Great Storm
3. Don’t Run and Hide
4. Crumbs
5. Feeling Like I Wanna Cry
6. Take Hold Of Me
7. Fingerprints
8. The Waiting
9. We Need A Mother
How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow
1. Last Breath
2. Closer
3. Song for Thrill and Tom
4. Meet you at the Delta
5. Trust
6. Gentle Wind of Gratitude
7. Breaking the Surface
8. Lose My Way (feat. Dustin O’Halloran)
9. Don’t Run and Hide (Piano Version)
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